Let me entertain you.

“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”
– Dorothy Parker


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Meet Me

 By day, I’m a professional writer; by night, I’m a pleasure connoisseur.

I am the curator of your wildest dreams. An exhibitionist. My best moments are when I’m performing for an audience. I crave your eyes on me and take pleasure in dressing according to your request.

In style and taste, I’m more an Elizabeth Taylor than an Audrey Hepburn. I’m equally comfortable in a little black designer dress as I am sprawled across the beach. My strengths lie in understanding the deep hunger for interaction, and complimenting it with intellect. In my spare time, you’ll catch me reading the Sunday Times in bed, scouting out a new gallery exhibition, globe-trotting, trying my luck on the slopes (followed by a steamy trip to the sauna), admiring the svelte aisles Saks’ shoe department, or watching one of my favorite plays from box seats.

Will you be my next adventure?

The Details

Height: 5’7″
Body: Slender
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Hazel
Tattoos: One
Piercings: Ears
Age: Early 20s

Personal Preferences

Food: Raw Oysters, Caviar, Strawberries
Drink: Coffee, Still Water, Hot Chocolate
 Restaurants: Ostra, Del Frisco’s, Atlantic Fish, Mooo Restaurant, Saltie Girl, B&G Oysters
Recreation: Art Museums or Galleries, Theatre (including Ballet + Opera), Skiing, Scuba Diving, Author Readings
Shopping: Saks Fifth Avenue, Prada, Gucci, Dior (vintage), Chanel, Burberry (in the winter), & Manolo Blahnik
Books: Gothic Horror, Modernist, Post-modernist, Contemporary, Memoir










Panel 2

The Experience

But, what is a date with me like?

I’m a Gemini and often taken to whim – my tastes and appearance are mercurial, but you can typically catch me in a pencil skirt and kitten heels, hair curled and in a varying shade of red, and my naturally plump lips topped in your favorite color of lipstick. I take deep pleasure in dressing according to special requests – please don’t hesitate to ask for what you’d like.

I host in Manhattan, with occasional trips outside the metro area, and happily visit friends at their own up-scale residence. I make frequent trips to Boston, and am regularly available for jet-setting to you. I’m occasionally available for same-day dates, but booking in advance is the best way to ensure my company

Panel 3



I imagine our future encounter as a narrative – glamorous, sleek, and sexy as an old Hollywood movie.

I offer a number of date combinations and companionship rates, some of which are not listed, but are merely bespoke. If you’re curious about something specific, simply send a love note with your thoughts and I’ll do my best to accommodate. Additionally, I adore entertaining couples (+ 200/hour), women, and people not abiding by the gender binary.

It Happened One Night – 1 hr – 600 NYC / 500 BOS

A sweet, swift rendezvous.

Some Like It Hot – 2 hrs – 1,000

A wildly good time, and a bottle of something sparkling.

A Streetcar Named Desire – 4hrs – 2,000

Time enough to order in, watch an old movie, and indulge in the extravagance of hours. Foot rub? Bubble bath? I’m on it.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s – 14hrs – 3,500

How do you imagine a perfect date? Perhaps the night starts at an underground cocktail bar where we whisper a password to enter, or on a stroll through Central Park on a brisk fall day, or at a lively Rangers game. Maybe the chemistry is so smooth, or subtle brush of our hands so electric, that the night flies by as if you’ve re-united with an old flame. In the morning, allow me to deliver breakfast in bed, or whatever early-bird pleasures you require.

Roman Holiday – 24hrs – 4,200

Let’s take a day trip to the Cape and gorge on oysters, or tuck ourselves away in an Adirondacks cabin. After an unforgettable date, why tear yourself away the next morning?

Additional Days (+ 2,000) Fly Me to You (+ Travel Fee)

I’m armed with a passport and a wild sense of adventure. Our imaginations are the only limit.


If you can’t make a date, but would like to give a token of your affection, please visit my wishlist.



* Engagements longer than 4 hrs require a smidge of public time together.

** Currency exchanged is for my social time only.


Panel 4


Ready to be adored?

When booking, please include your place of work and two references from providers you’ve seen within the last six months. Screening information (including a valid phone number) and rendezvous details can be sent to thelovepoet@protonmail.ch. Advanced, longer bookings are always given preference.

Due to security reasons, I’m unable to book dates with friends who decline to give their full legal name.

* A note on meeting: For our convenience, I suggest placing the donation in an unsealed envelope in plain sight and available upon the beginning of our date. If our first meeting is in public, consider slipping an envelope into a new paperback, or a Manolo shoebox.